Communitea Cafe

80 High Street

South Norwood

SE25 6EA


0208 916 1923

Bourbon Cream Espresso – Coffee Beans


Acidity: Mild / Creamy

Altitude: 1180m/1600m

Grown By: Gilberto Basilio/Cajamarca Producers Group

Roasted dark, with a creamy acidity, each sip rewards you with a full mouthfeel, and a hit of refined sugar sweetness. Blended from Brazilian Zaroca, grown by Gilberto Basilio, and the Peruvian Cajamarca Producer’s Group coffee, it’s been carefully developed to produce a taste note of bourbon cream biscuits. The classic milk chocolate notes of pulped natural Brazilian coffees shines through, supported by the intense chocolatey flavour of the Peruvian – with its acidity muted through the roast to create a biscuity aftertaste, that perfectly brings to mind the famous biscuit.